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How can I add a new wish?

You can add a new wish from every view of the app tapping the + button in the bottom center. The New Wish view will appear to write every information about your wish and finally, tap on the Save button.

How can I edit a wish?

To edit a wish, tap on the wish you want to edit and tap on the Edit button, represented by a pencil icon, in the upper right of the Detail view. When you've finished, tap on the Save button.

How can I delete a wish?

You can delete a wish by two ways: from Wishes or Purchased list, swipe to left on the wish you want to delete and tap on the Delete button; you can also use the Delete button in the bottom right, represented by a trash icon. Be careful: if your press this button from the wish details view, you will delete just that wish otherwise you will delete every wish in the list.

Can I share one of my wishes?

Of course! Currently, every wish can be shared with your Twitter followers, with your friends on Facebook or by email. You only have to tap on the Share button in the bottom left (it's the second one) from the detail view of the wish you want to share.

Can I change objects cost currency?

No. Currency used near every wish cost is from your device region format settings. If you change them, only the symbol will change but no currency conversion will happen.

Can I delete wish release date?

Of course! From wish editing view, tap on Release Date and then on Delete Release Date. Finally, save changes. If you delete a release date, its notification will be canceled.

Can I export my whole wish list?

Currently, wish list export isn't possible. The only way to save your data is to make a backup using iTunes. We're working to make this possible in the future versions of WishOnList.

Is it possible to avoid notifications?

No. When you set a release date to a wish, a notification is scheduled. If you want to avoid them, you'll have to delete this option from every wish.

Which version am I running?

If you want to know which version of WishOnList you are running or any other information about Matthew Labs, from Overview view, tap on the gear icon in the bottom right and then on Information.

Will updates be free?

Surely! Every update will always be free.

What's new in the latest version?

If you want to know what's new in the latest version of WishOnList, read its changelog.

Can you implement feature x or y?

Well, we appreciate a lot every suggestion and request but we'll implement only features that will allow WishOnList to perform its task quickly and in the easiest way.

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