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A block-based UIAlertView replacement which allows you to show table view in alerts for fast selection.
Here are some features:

  • Block-based, no delegates required
  • Customize to perform custom actions
  • ARC enabled

You can find it on GitHub. Read more about it here.
Note: this code requires iOS SDK 5.0 or later.


A useful class to shorten your links using some of the most common services, like, or
Here are some features:

  • Supports,,, and Linkyy
  • Block-based, no delegates or notifications required
  • Asynchronous connections

You can find it on GitHub.
Note: this code requires iOS SDK 5.0 or later.



A simple Mac application to control your MAMP server from a simple GUI.
Here are some features:

  • Dedicated to servers installed using MacPorts
  • Simple interface to check your server status
  • Manage your server in one click

You can find it on GitHub.
Note: this code requires Mac OS X Mountain Lion 10.8 or later.

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